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Raw. Trust you. Convince them.

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Sunday Night Wishes-Monday Morning Hopes

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Have a Good Night

Exhale 2.0 (My Colour)

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The photos and stories coming out of Haiti this past week have been devastating. As young people in the United States, we have been given so much and are regularly taught to understand our own good fortunes, though of course with every day comes its own pains and sometimes we lose sight of just how lucky we are. What did we do to receive so much? Born into opportunity and endless options. Last week’s earthquake, devastating much of our hemisphere’s poorest country and totally destroying its capital city, puts much of what we deal with in the U.S. on a daily basis into perspective.

We are the generation reared on the Internet and indoctrinated with social media. These tools have been confounding at different intervals for us (I mean, do any of us REALLY care about Paris Hilton’s Twitter feed?) but over the last eighteen months, with the election of Barack Obama, the guerrilla journalism of Iranian citizens last summer and now the texted cries for help under Port-au-Prince rubble, we’ve seen, as a generation, what kind of positivity can come from international connections and technological innovations. Now it’s time for us to come together again to reach the masses.

Helplessness is becoming something of its own cultural definition. In times like these, everything seems overwhelming–the number of dead, the severity of pre-disaster poverty, the idea that this beautiful country, so recently on the verge of announcing itself as a major Caribbean presence, must now stagger forward under miles of destruction. But with disaster can come hope. As artists, writers, musicians, photographers, filmmakers, we can create a narrative for the next decade (we are the future), and, by extension the Haitian recovery. It’s in our nature to tell stories and to make change, to push the boundaries of consciousness and shape our surrounding history. . It is our duty and responsibility to do whatever we can. No amount of effort is too small; change comes in pockets, from interaction and organization, from talent and vision. There is no such thing as a “quick-fix” with circumstances as such. We all have some skill and we all have a voice. (Use the outlets given to us) –if it can be used selflessly for a sustained period of time, I believe we can build a better road for the future. The first bit of construction, however, is very literal, and it begins in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Our hearts like to pretend that we never knew you. Our conscience carefully reminds us that we had no idea of your situation. We weren’t in the know. The mind says, that we are powerless to do anything-but hands keep squirming about how it’s not the truth. Your situation has been long endured. Know you’re moving on, a better place, new house, great view and receiving community-it’s still unfortunate that it takes such an occurrence for us to care. No more dreaming together, eating, loving and living side by side.

Nothing can bring you back around here again. Wish we could turn back the clock and enjoy the old times-but we realize you wouldn’t want that now. At least then we could ask if there was anything we could do. Apologies; for never giving you the bowl of sugar, for always getting out of sitting your cats or for always letting your mail overflow when you were away. We’re sure that as long as your suffering is not in vain, We can imagine your smiling face saying, “all is well.”

Keep your spirits alive and we will triumph. . .

Do what you can:

  • Text “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10 to American Red Cross relief for Haiti
  • Text YELE to 501501 to donate $5 dollars

Walk to the Store with me. . .

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Death of Life

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L's White

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This piece of work is my way of paying homage to Erick White’s piece in the current exhibit STAGES. The photo was originally taken by a friend of mine.

Great Moments. . .

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Father and Son

There’s a story here. Do tell. . . .

Woman. . . .

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naked woman vbThese woman are comfortable in their skin. Very secure with themselves. True beauty. 

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12 Layers. . .

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TY's photos My creative Eye sightThe three photos in the bottom left hand corner were taken by my friend Ty, and this is what I came up with after just leaving Au Revoir Simone on repeat.